Brewery Information

Our commitment to you:

We pay for your beer at the event

  • 3-sixtels per session x 3 sessions for 9 total sixtels
  • Minimum of 1 of these 3 beers per session available as taproom-only beer, but you’re welcome to provide more than one taproom-only beer per session. You’ll be very popular!
  • We ecourage variety. Bring 9 different beers if you like.

We provide your booth at no charge (non-brewery booth fee is $500).

We provide exposure at the event

  • We estimate 1,500 attendees per session, 4,600+ for the 2-day event
  • Attendees will include very enthusiastic, educated craft beer consumers and dedicated homebrew club members

You’re invited to the VIP Brewers Party on Friday evening

  • Brewer party in the VIP Lounge with Food and Exclusive Beers

We provide aggressive promotional campaigns, both national and local

  • It’s our commitment to facilitate an extraordinary experience for breweries and attendees alike, and we will heavily promote our brewery and sponsor partners
  • Promoting in all issues of Craft Beer & Brewing Magazine® issues prior to event
  • eNewsletters to subscribers (20,000 subscribers) with additional social media blasts (Facebook likes of over 64,000)
  • Promoting breweries on both the site as well as site
  • Heavily promoted through Milwaukee-area media channels

We provide a unique venue!

  • The Harley-Davidson Museum® is one of Milwaukee’s top tourist destinations
  • Iconic and a touch rebellious – the perfect place for a craft beer event and The Taproom Experience

What we'll need from you:

  • Your beer info. What beers will you be pouring and when? We’ll need a list of beers (remember a minimum of 3 sixtels of taproom-only beers please). We’ll also need the price of each.
  • Why are we looking for some taproom-only beers? You create some of the most amazing taproom-only beers that will provide a unique and extraordinary experience for the attendees. In addition, you’ll be exposing a larger number of people to your great beers in one setting. This should drive more folks to your taproom to enjoy those special beers.
  • Who will be pouring? We’d love to have a brewer present to pour or inform folks, but we’ll need to know if you aren’t serving your own beer. You are the experts on your beer, but you’re not obligated to pour at the event.
  • Your brewery logo and website link
  • Your input. What else do you want to achieve at the Wisconsin Craft Beer Festival – the largest in the Wisconsin area!
  • Your interest, if any, in being a sponsor of the event. We have several packages available for all budgets if you’re looking for a larger impact from the Wisconsin Craft Beer Festival.

Signup To Learn More Or Confirm Your Spot

We’ll be using the liquor license for Levy, the catering company associated with the Harley-Davidson Museum.

Attendees will be looking forward to The Taproom Experience that we’ll all be providing. You’re bringing the taproom to them – beers they’ve only dreamed of in one unique and unforgettable venue. This will also give them a taste of what great beers they can purchase back at your taproom. Each of the 50+ breweries plans on providing at least one taproom beer per session.

A portion of the proceeds from the Wisconsin Craft Beer Festival will be donated to a nonprofit. The charity has yet to be determined, but will be posted on the site once confirmed.